Lumberjack day in upper NY

Tags: faithful, family, youth, District of the USA

A wintry Saturday in March saw the parish of St. Therese's Church in Nicholville, New York return to its north country roots with a lumberjack work day attended by about 45 men and boys...

Day 5 of 2013 Youth Pilgrimage

Tags: family, youth, spirituality, District of the USA

Today we passed through two regions of Spain and into a new country, France. Needless to say much time was spent on the bus today, but with the creative minds and characters that we have on the trip, downtime is neither idle nor boring. The morning started with Mass, however, in a convent chapel where we had spent the night...

Days 6-7 of 2013 Youth Pilgrimage

Tags: faithful, family, spirituality, District of the USA

One place that seems to be on everyone’s visit agenda is the beautiful city of Our Lady in Lourdes. This is not only one of the most popular Catholic pilgrimage sites in the entire world, but it is also a place of wonderful beauty in the surrounding geography...

Day 3 of 2013 Youth Pilgrimage

Tags: faithful, family, spirituality, District of the USA

We woke up in Braga, Portugal on day three of the pilgrimage, many having a difficult night of sleep for various reasons. This year’s group is another wonderful group of well-deserving and grateful students from our schools and chapels...

Are public schools neutral?

Tags: family, youth, social doctrine, education, crisis, religious liberty, District of the USA

This is the great drama of the public school system. God is de facto out of the picture. A Washington and Lincoln are real persons. Whereas for God, well too bad! A God of so little importance is not worth the bother and can never be regarded seriously as the Creator of heaven and earth by an average student...

Horrifying advances in genetic engineering

Tags: family, morals, medical, science, District of the USA

A short update on some "advances" made in genetic engineering which defy the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal supports homosexuality in new book

Tags: family, theology, morals, crisis, District of the USA

Cardinal Carlos Martini has published a new book in which he gives support to same-sex marriages which is a denial of a moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Eddystone festivities honor Sts. Joseph & Patrick

Tags: faithful, family, youth, District of the USA

Report on festivities held in honor of Sts. Joseph and Patrick at St. Jude's Church in Eddystone, Pennsylvania.

UK proposes to legalize same-sex marriage

Tags: family, morals, social doctrine, sacraments, District of the USA

This Pastor's Corner addresses the war being waged over the definition of marriage in the United Kingdom.

What is behind the Gender Ideology?

Tags: family, morals, philosophy, science, District of the USA

In this Pastor's Corner, the issue of gender ideology is briefly examined, particularly about the philosophical / biological reality that the sex makes the gender—not the other way around.