District Newsletter

Regina Coeli Report: May-June 2013

May 22, 2013
Images and a report about the ordinations to the minor orders held at the Winona seminary in mid-March.

Regina Coeli Report: Jan-Feb 2013

January 01, 2013
Read about the ordination of 4 priests for the SSPX here in the United States.

District Superior's Letter: Dec 2011

December 08, 2011
This past year, the United States District has initiated many projects to improve the work of the Society and help the priests in their apostolate. The education department has worked on school curriculum, teachers’ seminars, the publication of grammar books, and a coming translation of the 1912 Catechism of St. Pius X, among others...

District Superior's Letter: Nov 2011

November 01, 2011
The recent Angelus Press Conference in Kansas City reviewed the doctrinal background of the Church’s teaching on the Social Kingship of our Lord and presented a few historical examples of victories of Christendom in the temporal order. Since it is such an important teaching of our Faith...

District Superior's Letter: June 2011

June 01, 2011
I have already given the principles that parents must follow in advising their children at the time of making important decisions that will affect their whole life. I would now like to address a few elements about a vocation itself, so as to help the youth make that choice. I would therefore like to explain the elements of every religious or priestly vocation, as well as the signs of a true vocation. May they help and be used to make a good choice!

District Superior's Letter: May 2011

May 01, 2011
On May 1, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI will declare his predecessor, John Paul II, blessed, only six years after his death. This beatification raises many questions and concerns for Catholics today...

District Superior's Letter: Apr 2011

April 01, 2011
Having spoken of the principles that must lead us in educating a child from the time of infancy to his coming of age, we will now speak of the age when a young person must make his first major choices in life. A certain step in education has—it is hoped—been accomplished, but the work of education is not complete...

District Superior's Letter: Mar 2011

March 07, 2011
In my recent letters, I have explained the formation that must be given a child from the time of his birth to the time of his First Communion, and how, fed with this divine food, he must grow in “wisdom and holiness” in preparation for the teen-age years...

District Superior's Letter: Feb 2011

February 02, 2011
It is at this age, from the early years of the age of reason until the first troubles of the teenage years, that a child starts maturing rapidly in faith, in virtue, and in love of God and of His Church. Their knowledge of the Faith can and must grow, their virtues must take root, and they must be, as much as possible, infused with the beauty of the ceremonies of the Church...

District Superior's Letter: Jan 2011

January 06, 2011
The time after Christmas is dedicated to the Child Jesus, a devotion that has brought many blessings to those who would honor Our Lord in his childhood. The liturgy will, for instance, propose the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph as the model of virtue for our own households...