Superior General’s letters

October 1977 - Superior General's Letter #13

October 16, 1977
In the face of the constant progress of the auto demolition of the Church we have to react. All authority is at the service of life and ultimately supernatural life. Soon the seminaries in Germany and the USA will be obliged to move to larger premises.

March 1977 - Superior General's Letter #12

March 18, 1977
God has revealed Himself to us in the person of Christ Jesus. Revelation is what God has transmitted to the Church and can be summarized as the doctrine of the Cross. Faith and the Cross go together. The Conciliar Church negates the Cross and falls prey to all her enemies. Thanks to your generosity the Society continues to expand in Quebec and Geneva.

October 1976 - Superior General's Letter #11

October 06, 1976
The Society's reaction in view of the arbitrary condemnation. There is no compromise possible between Truth and Error. Mgr. Lefebvre makes his point of view clear on the topic of liturgical reform, the Church's changed attitude towards communism and religious liberty. 

March 1976 - Superior General's Letter #10

March 06, 1976
The work of the Society continues and the Society also continues its expansion. This is thanks to a firm trust in God based on Faith. Rome has lost this Faith and that is why it persecutes the Society who preserves and perseveres in it.

September 1975 - Superior General's Letter #9

September 03, 1975
Machinations of Cardinal Villot stopping the appeal of Archbishop Lefebvre. The principles of Liberalism and its consequenties in practical church life. Condemnations of Liberalism by the popes and its influence on the teachings of Vatican II. Collegiality, reformed liturgy, religious liberty and ecumenism are the fruits of Liberalism.