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December 2013 - Superior General's Letter #81

December 12, 2013
Both, religious ignorance and the reaffirmation of the unfortunate direction of the Second Vatican Council cannot but aggravate the tragic situation of the Church. It will take a superhuman effort to counteract this constant threat for souls and for the Church. Therefore the Society will start the fourth Rosary crusade, a crusade of one's duty of state.

Regina Coeli Report, Mar. - Apr. 2014

March 27, 2014
Around the year 1520 the Chablais, part of the duchy of Savoy on the south shore of Lake Geneva, was invaded by militant Protestants from Berne, who took it and the Vaud and the Gex regions on the north shore of the lake. Catholic worship was outlawed, and churches were burned or razed when not appropriated for Protestant use. Religious orders were suppressed and priests expelled.


February 21, 2014
November - December 2013 The communion of saints is one of the fundamental tenets of the Catholic Faith. The reality of heaven is made concrete by the knowledge that some souls are already happily united with Our Lord after death. Churches, art and architecture: all bear witness to the example provided by the saints. Throughout history, there have been different methods and processes to determine who should be included in the heavenly chorus. With some of the problems of the current crisis, however, we now have to ask basic questions: What is a saint supposed to be? How is sanctity determined? What should we do? We hope these pages provide some clarity.