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Watch part 2: "Who was Archbishop Lefebvre?"

February 04, 2015

This video continues the presentation of Archbishop Lefebvre's life.

In this second video of the FAQ, "Who was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre?" we present a summary of the latter part of his exemplary life.

Learn about his efforts via the Coetus Internationalis Patrum to ward off the incursion of modernist errors during Vatican II and his resignation as the Holy Ghost Fathers' Superior General to avoid implementing a liberal agenda in the missionary congregation.

Though his retirement was secured, nonetheless God had other plans for Archbishop Lefebvre when seminarians begged for his assistance to provide them with an authentic priestly formation. Thus the Society of St. Pius X was founded, which continues to practice the archbishop's generous spirit and clear-sighted vision in forming priests for the Roman Catholic Church.

As with part 1, this video features images and video clips of Archbishop Lefebvre (including his funeral and burial place), particularly of his work for the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.

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