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SSPX refutes Pittsburgh diocese schism charge

August 31, 2014

On August 15, the Society of St. Pius X acquired the former St. James church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A few days later the Pittsburgh Diocese published a notification against the SSPX. Here is our press release in answer to this notification.

Press release: The Society of St. Pius X refutes the accusation of schism recently published by the Pittsburgh diocese

Platte City, Missouri
August 31, 2014

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) denounces the false accusation and unlawful threat made by the Diocese of Pittsburgh in its notification of August 29, 2014.

The Department for Canonical Services of the Diocese declares that “the Society of Saint Pius X is separated from the Catholic Church.” Ignoring the Church’s Canon Law, the same Department also states that “the Roman Catholic faithful are to know that free and willful participation with this group, including reception of the sacraments implies an act of separation from the Roman Catholic Church.

The SSPX and the Catholics frequenting its sacraments have never proven to be declared schismatic, heretical or excommunicated by the authorities of the Church who alone are competent to deliver such a judgment.

As a religious congregation of the Roman Catholic Church, the SSPX rejects the novelties of the Second Vatican Council which come in contradiction with the previous infallible teaching of the Church, and it keeps the traditional Roman Mass which has “never been abrogatedas Pope Benedict XVI reminds us, and gives valid sacraments according to the law of the Church.

The SSPX is established in 50 countries in the world. In the United States, 100 priests serve in more than 150 chapels, priories, schools and retreat houses.

The SSPX recently acquired the former St. James Church in Pittsburgh in order to offer the Immemorial Roman Mass every Sunday.