Poetic gratitude for Archbishop Lefebvre

March 14, 2014
Source: District of the USA

A "prodigal son's" poetic tribute written about Archbishop Lefebvre, whose defense of the Faith helped this soul to recognize his wayward life, repent of it, and return to a life of grace.

Recently we received an anonymously composed poem written in gratitude for the efforts of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre to preserve the Catholic Faith.

The Good Shepherd

Instaurare Omnia in Christo

Where was I in all of this,
Archbishop Lefebvre?
Thy ringed hand,
I chanced to miss,
never had the chance
to kiss

my life amiss
I didn’t care
a lost sheep,
a wandering;
I went astray,
I lost my faith

I knew not
the Church’s state
crisis within,
storms without
the shepherd’s sheep
tossed about,
drowning in
a sea of doubt

O how I wish
I had the chance to meet
to sit, like Mary,
at the Lord’s feet,
to make thine acquaintance,
to hear thee speak

But, alas,
sadly, I did not know,
an ignorant son,
a heart shallow,
immersed in things
of the flesh,
the world,
evil, concupiscence
O how many years
carelessly spent

I thank thee for the work
thou didst do,
even though I never knew,
Yet, today, I know what’s true:
to restore all things
in Jesus Christ,
to be willing to pay the price,
to conquer Satan,
the world, and sin,
to make His Church
holy again.

Deo gratias!
Archbishop Lefebvre
we’ll press on…
until the end.