A New Website for St. Aloysius Retreat House in Los Gatos

June 30, 2017
Source: District of the USA

St. Aloysius Retreat House houses a priory with 4 priests who preach retreats in the stunning mountains near Los Gatos, CA

The SSPX West coast retreat house at Los Gatos, CA, has launched a new website with expanded information about the priory, retreat house, and its functions.

More About St. Aloysius Retreat House

St. Aloysius Retreat House is a house belonging to the Society of St. Pius X. On site is a priory, which is a religious house of common life for priests. These priests preach retreats and exercise their apostolate in the outlying regions.  

The Society priests who reside here serve a community of faithful who attend Mass at the chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help located on the grounds. 

The Retreat House has been in Los Gatos since the early 1990s, and preaches a variety of forms of Spiritual Retreats, most notably the Ignatian Retreats.

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