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New Issue on Authority from the Angelus Released Along with New Website

December 18, 2017

The new provides a preview of the latest issues of The Angelus. This issue has now been released with the theme "Authority at Risk."

While authority has been rebelled against since the time of the angels, the pervasive nonchalance and outright disgust towards our leaders is only snowballing.

Excerpt from the publisher:

“Why would I have to do this? Can’t I do what I want with my time?’ These and similar reflections are commonly heard coming from the lips of teenagers, today, as yesterday. Is this simply because of a generational gap? Is it indicative of a perennial difficulty elders have in understanding their subjects? It seems to be rather the perennial paradox of harmonizing individual liberties with social authority.

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The new previews the latest issues of The Angelus, and has been built for easy browsing on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The U.S. District of the Society of Saint Pius X and Angelus Press are pleased to announce the addition of the November/December issue of The Angelus magazine, “Authority at Risk,” to the website.

Please remember that the website is our "preview" website, and does not replace our online magazine website: where readers can subscribe to the full issue in a digital format, and download the issues.

This issue contains a number of important studies on the nature of authority—domestic, societal, and ecclesiastical—and present threats to it. Additionally, this issue also contains a number of other timely moral and theological studies, including a comprehensive look at the Feast of the Immaculate Conception; an examination of secularism; and an account of how St. Andrew has been depicted in art over the centuries.

Remember, though, that the online preview offers only a glimpse of the magazine’s contents; no digital platform can properly replicate the look and feel of the original printed edition. If you have not yet subscribed to The Angelus magazine, please make use of the online preview of this issue to see what you have been missing. Moreover, if you are a present subscriber, the Christmas season is an ideal time to consider gifting a subscription to the magazine to friends and family. 

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