A Neapolitan Nativity Set in the White House

December 05, 2018
Source: fsspx.news

For the second consecutive year, the First Lady of the United States has set up a Nativity Scene for Christmas, transforming the White House into a fairy land for a couple of weeks.

Melania Trump published several photos and videos on social media on November 26, 2018, illustrating her Christmas preparations at the White House.

The theme chosen by President Trump’s wife is American Treasures: American cities made of gingerbread can be seen in the midst of colorful trees.

The centerpiece of the Christmas decorations is a nativity scene that dates back to the 18th century. It was presented for the first time in 1967 by a collector, a member of the First Lady’s committee who was asked to find a Nativity Scene worthy of the White House.

While traveling through Europe, she discovered a three-century-old Neapolitan Nativity Set, a true work of art with 22 wooden figurines. The figurines are richly clothed, and the Three Kings are all riding horses and not camels – a very important detail hearkening to the American love affair with the West.

The tradition of the Christmas Tree at the White House dates back to 1929, when First Lady Lou Hoover decided to decorate an “official tree’” at the headquarters of the American government, in the Oval Office. May the presence of a Nativity Scene in the palace of the head of the world’s leading power be imitated in the headquarters of every government, to encourage governors to follow the example and lessons of the King of kings.