In Mexico, Insecurity Forces a Diocese to Change the Times of its Christmas Celebrati

December 17, 2017

In the State of Tabasco, Mexico, the diocesan authorities have just announced that the times of the Christmas celebrations have suffered the consequences of exponential criminal rates at this time of year.


Indeed, the diocese of Tabasco is one of the dioceses in which urban violence takes the most victims. According to the National Citizen Observer in Tabasco, the region sadly holds first place in all of Mexico in this regard. Moreover, it is particularly dangerous for priests. Of all Latin American countries, Mexico is where religious are the least safe…

The civil authorities seem so overwhelmed by the situation that the vicar general of the diocese has had to announce drastic measures for Christmas, as El Heraldo de Tabasco reported on December 4, 2017: “With respect to the problem of insecurity, we are trying to avoid scheduling Masses at certain times that could be high risk”, declared Fr. José Luis Compean Rueda. 

One of the reasons for the surge in crime at the end of the year is the bonuses that most employees receive for their Christmas shopping. Thieves know they can help themselves to many consumer goods. The spirit of Christmas does not mix well with a consumerist society and a thirst for profit.