January / February Issue of The Angelus Released - Angels: The Messengers of God

February 13, 2018
Source: District of the USA

In this issue, why focus on angels? Is it not incongruous and obsolete to study the abstract question of angels?

Excerpt from the Publisher:

We believe in angels and in their activity among men, but this remains most likely an academic topic with little to no impact on our day to day struggles in this finite world of ours.

Is this to say that angels have no history and are disinterested with our lot? Anyone who has been involved with souls knows that the struggle is between good and evil: The good influences led by our good God and His angels and the bad ones, led by the devil and his allies within and without.

Any priest will tell you that he feels like an exorcist as he puts on the confessional stole or administers the sacraments, climbs up the altar and defends Catholic principles throughout his day to day pastoral problems.

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