Help the Filipino medical mission!

November 19, 2013
Source: District of the USA

Fr. Couture is organizing a medical mission in the the Philippines to help the typhoon victims: find out how you can help!

Operation Yolanda note #3

November 18, 2013

The Rosa Mystica Medical Mission #8 will not take place in Santa Barbara, Iloilo, as previously decided earlier this year, but will rather take place, God willing, in devastated Tacloban, next January 19-25.

Fr. Ghela and Nurse Yolly Gamutan are going tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19, to start making contacts with the authorities, to work on the logistics and the infrastructure needed for this mission.

On average in the last 7 missions, our team of 50-80 volunteers have seen about 3,000 patients in one week. The missions have taken places in various parts of the country. See the following reports:

Doctors and nurses are wanted for this medical mission.

Also, a small team of skilled builders, carpenters, plumbers, would be most useful for the mission to help some families build some decent shelter for themselves.

For all the volunteers, the rule is the following: they pay their own fare to get to the Philippines, and the Mission covers food and lodging during the Mission.

All volunteers must contact Fr. Couture beforehand and be approved first before coming.

News has arrived that the parents’ houses of two of our Oblates Sisters have been severely damaged by the typhoon. We are also trying to get some news about the status of two other sisters’ families.

Our Tacloban faithful who have lost everything in the typhoon and are now in the Bato SSPX Refugee Camp, will be, with our sisters’ families, the prime beneficiary of our financial assistance for the repairing and or rebuilding of their homes.

Donations (those notified directly to us) as of today have reached the USD $30,000 mark. See the Appeal for bank details, or PayPal at

May God bless abundantly all those who have contributed! Keep us all in your prayers. We keep you in ours.

Fr. Daniel Couture