Hateful Pro-Abortion Propaganda from the American Abortion Lobby

December 03, 2018
Source: fsspx.news

The American pro-abortion lobby is not even bothering to hide behind a mask anymore; one of the latest publicity campaigns presents the unborn child as the fruit of an uninhibited, eugenic choice, implying the elimination of undesired embryos.

The ad is less than one minute long. Any longer, and the average plugged-in 21st-century citizen is more than likely to get bored and find something else to look at.

It shows a little baby with a white woolen hat, smiling as a lullaby plays in the background.

A few slogans run across the screen: she deserves to be loved, then, she deserves to be desired. The spectator is completely won over by what appears to be an ad to promote the right to life, birth, bringing a child into the world.

Alas! The last phrase falls like the blade of a guillotine on the neck of the condemned victim: she deserves to be a choice: support Family Planning. A black screen illustrates this sordid and truly corrupt final sentence.

The ad – one of the first to push eugenics as coldly as one might sell a bottle of laundry detergent – was produced by Agenda Project, an agency created in the United States in 2010. Its goal is “to create a powerful political network capable of bringing average Americans into the heart of the political debate (…) by sharing the most effective ideas,” declares the company’s charter.

So far, the crime has been practically perfect; the pro-choice lobby masked its ideology behind pretexts like protecting women, fighting against poverty, and safeguarding ecology. It has now laid the cards on the table, daring to associate abortion with love for children. The bigger the lie, the better…