The Future of Catholic Education

November 14, 2016
Source: District of the USA

In his latest newsletter, Fr. Wegner describes the work that the SSPX has been doing in order to further traditional Catholic Education.

It is the duty of Catholics to assist in the proper Catholic education of the next generation. This role falls not just to the parents of the children, but to all Catholics—even if your own children are not yet school age, or if they are fully grown. 

While the primary goal of the SSPX is the preservation of Catholic Tradition through the Priesthood, it necessarily follows that without good schools, this goal will be a near-impossibility. With this daunting task in mind, the priests, religious and educators in the United States District have faced its challenges head-on. The annual school principals' meeting and the Catholic Teacher's Seminar are but two examples of the progress that has been made recently. Not only do new schools need to be formed in places where traditional Catholics have gathered, but existing SSPX schools need support for materials, and most especially, for qualified teachers!

In this latest newsletter, we ask for your generous support, and to see the work we have accomplished so far with the help of Divine Providence.

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