Angelus Press Places Featured Titles on Sale for Lenten Reflection and Prayer

February 01, 2018
Source: District of the USA

With the Lenten season less than two weeks away, now is the time for the faithful to look to this season of preparation for the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

For many this means a commitment to attend Holy Mass more often and to partake regularly in the sacrament of confession. It also means taking additional time out to spend with Our Lord in Adoration or to reflect more deeply on His Passion during the weekly Stations of the Cross.

In order to assist Catholics in having a good Lent, Angelus Press—the publishing apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X—is placing a selection of Lenten titles on sale from February 1-14, 2018. Whether you or looking for a book of seasonal meditations or a missal to assist you in following the Sacred Triduum, Angelus Press has it available.

Whether you are in need of Lenten materials or not, please keep Angelus Press in your prayers during Lent and on into the Easter season. Now its 40th year, Angelus Press remains a crucial component of the Society’s mission to restore all things in Christ. By your prayers and the grace of God, may Angelus Press have another four decades to nurture the faithful during their earthly pilgrimage. 

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