SSPX news & events

Historic Flooding Strikes SSPX Parish

As we follow news of the massive flooding in Louisiana, we focus our attention on a small church and its parishioners who have been affected.

Labor Day: What Should Catholics Think?

Are Catholics to think warmly of Capitalism? Can wages be determined by business owners at will?  Pope Leo XII gave the answers 125 years ago:

Liturgy: I Say To Thee, Arise

St. Augustine discusses how the young man's mother was filled with joy at his resurrection - much like Holy Mother Church on our return to grace

Beheading of St. John the Baptist

One of the few saints who has multiple feasts throughout the year, we discuss the second feast of St. John the Baptist: his beheading.

Earthquakes Strike Basilica of St. Benedict

In the early morning hours of Wed, Aug 24, 2016, a quake struck central Italy. We recount the history of Norcia and its most famous resident:

Parish Spotlight: St. Vincent de Paul, KC

St. Vincent de Paul is a magnificent church, priory and school in the heart of Kansas City. We share below some history and latest news from KC

Mid-August New Seminary Update

The work of the New Seminary in Dillwyn, VA marches on, as finishing, tile, doorways, and last touches on exteriors are underway!

Liturgy: Cannot Serve God and Mammon

This Sunday, the Fourteenth After Pentecost, we are reminded where our priorities should lie, and how we should look after our temporal affairs

Assignments in US District: 2016-2017

Each year, the United States District coordinates a reassignment of many of its priests. Below is information why, and the assignments themselves:

The Sedevacantist Temptation

A review of a troubling trend among some Catholics who have a love for the traditional and timeless teachings of the Church