SSPX news & events

Our Divine Savior's Blood

The end of the summer month of July—dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus—draws near.

Avoiding false prophets, doing good works

How can we recognize a false prophet as a ravening wolf in sheep's clothing? What is the Church's teaching on good works and their importance for our sanctification?

Giving Jesus to souls in Gabon

The mission of the priesthood is the salvation of souls, and this edifying report from the SSPX's foreign mission in Gabon, Africa, encouragingly shows how this supernatural object is being accomplished...

Who will speak at the AP Conference?

Angelus Press has just announced the list of speakers for its 2014 conference on "The Mass: Heart of the Church".

Supernatural power of blessings

What supernatural power do the sacramental blessings offered by Holy Mother Church convey? What is the purpose of the Asperges rite performed on Sundays?

2 new children books from Angelus Press

See the new titles just released by Angelus Press for children to learn better about confession and the Mass.

Motherly hymn: Salve, Mater Misericordiae

This beautiful hymn of Our Lady, attributed to the Carmelite Order, expresses our devotion to her as our Mother, who is solicitous to the needs of her children.

First women's retreat for St. Louis

A first in the Midwest for the SSPX's USA District, was the recent women's retreat held near St. Louis, Missouri.

Padre Pio's martyrdom and Mass

Read about the special martyrdom suffered by Padre Pio through his stigmata, as well as what it was like to attend his Mass.