SSPX news & events

A growing presence at the March for Life

The number of participants at the annual March for Life in Washington DC from the SSPX's USA chapels continues to grow.

Pope sorry for "breeding like rabbits" comments

The pope has offered his regrets about his comments on large families, but what about his other critiques of traditional Catholic values?

New seminary video: A building that speaks of God

Discover the profound reasons behind the architectural design of the new St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary under construction in Virginia.

We must have faith in Christ

The faith in Christ manifested by the leper and centurion in this Sunday's Gospel is an example of the confidence we must have in the goodness of God's holy will for us.

Pope's message to Curia called "vitriolic attack

Pope Francis' Christmas greeting to the Roman Curia was not completely merry or cheerfully accepted by those in attendance.

Lord, I am not worthy: Confession & Communion

This poem speaks about the cleansing power of the sacraments of penance and Communion that come through the mediation of the priesthood.

How the crisis impacts priests, family, vocations

An interview of Fr. du Chalard covers the topics of how the post-conciliar crisis has affected the priesthood, families, vocations and more recently, the FFI.

New video up: Who is Archbishop Lefebvre?

Discover the life of the SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre!

A glimpse of parish life in 2014

The January-February Regina Coeli Report is now available for your perusal.

I am not Charlie

The recent terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo Parisian office has rallied universal solidarity with the slogan, "I am Charlie!" But can a Catholic lend his support to such a...