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Our Lady's Presentation in the Temple

An important event in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary was her presentation as child to the service of the Temple in Jerusalem, which we commemorate today with a poem.

At the service of Catholic Church: SSPX

A few quotes demonstrate the Society of St. Pius X's fidelity in serving the Catholic Church.

Fellay: God enables us to accomplish marvels

Bishop Fellay's newest Superior General's Letter is now available at SSPX.ORG!

The last Sunday after Pentecost

The 24th Sunday after Pentecost is this year's Last Sunday after Pentecost, thus the liturgical year of 2014 is coming to a close.

Archbishop's Declaration fresh after 40 years

40 years ago on November 21, 1974, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre penned his famous "1974 Declaration" which manifested the Society of St.

Saints for your bookshelf

Looking for saintly inspiration? Try one of the new books available from Angelus Press!

There is something in his smile

A poetic tribute to Archbishop Lefebvre, who despite the crisis that raged around him "like a lion seeking those to devour" nonetheless typically bore a calm and serene smile which seemed...

Stunning views of Tradition in Africa

An inspiring view of the SSPX's apostolic work for the Catholic Faith and the salvation of souls in the African countries of Ghana, Cameroon and Namibia.

"If only I could touch the hem of His garment"

We should have confidence in Christ Jesus, His providence and salvation for us, while shunning derision of our neighbors.

Our children, our future!

Read why our children are the future of our society and thus why their formation is so important!