SSPX news & events

A must read: I Accuse the Council

Have you ever read this classic critique of Vatican II by Archbishop Lefebvre?

Another beautiful Apostle

Get a colorful glimpse of the Society of St. Pius X's missionary work in its Asia District!

Changing of the guard in USA

Ever wondered when and why priests are transferred in the Society of St. Pius X? Have you "met" our new District Superior, Fr. Wegner?

SSPX gets a "new" church in Pittsburgh!

Read about the new church just purchased by the SSPX in Pittsburgh, PA and the efforts made to obtain a more suitable building for Catholic worship.

Where did the Assumption take place?

Did the Assumption of Mary take place in Jerusalem or Ephesus? This fascinating and in-depth article examines both claims.

Avoiding pride and vain glory

Christ's parable on the Publican and Pharisee gives us a lesson on the importance of humility and sincere contrition, while Fr. Goffine's presents an instruction on grace.

Poem for the Assumption

A poetic contribution graciously provided to us by a reader in honor of Our Lady's Assumption into Heaven.

Signum magnum: Mass of the Assumption

A revised set of propers for the Mass of the Assumption were introduced in the Roman Missal in 1951. Discover how the changes relate to our generation and the Fatima message.

Cabrini Pilgrimage: not too late to join!

Some info about the 50-mile Mother Cabrini Pilgrimage from Watkins to Golden, Colorado.

Guiding dogma for our age: the Assumption

Discover the history behind the definition of the dogma of the Assumption. Read also about the opposition to its proclamation for fear of alienating Protestants and the subsequent ecumenical appeasement of...