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Video shows Angelus Press Conference on family

Watch a short video about the Angelus Press Conference on the family!

Take consolation when ill

Is there spiritual consolation when one becomes sick? How should we tend to those who are ill?

SSPX brothers: "angels of our communities"

Read about the recent ceremonial events of the SSPX's brothers.

A review of Pope Francis' visit to America

An outline of Pope Francis' visit to the States and Cuba and some comments from Catholic journalists.

Who benefits most from new synodal procedures?

The new edition of DICI (#322) is now available!

A poetic tribute to the Catholic family

Image above: the family of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre; he is pictured on the far left.

We offer for the edification of our readers this poem composed especially for SSPX.ORG to honor the...

Watch the Angelus Press Conference live online!

The Angelus Press Conference is being offered online in a live stream format.

Video: St. Mary's rosary procession for Synod

Watch the inspiring video of the candlelit rosary procession held at St. Mary's, KS.

New book of African bishops upholds marriage

Will the collective voice of the African bishops save the Synod on the Family?

What is a Synod?

What is a Synod, how does it function, and what place does it occupy in the government of the Church?