SSPX news & events

A new Dominican community

Find out about a new traditional religious community, the Dominican Friars of Steffeshausen, Belgium, and see how you can help them... or even join the Third Order of St. Dominic.

Mass of Christ the King

We pray through the Mass that Our Lord Jesus Christ may reign, both in our hearts and in society, thereby bestowing the peace that the world cannot give.

Synod's troubles continue

What is the status of the Synod's scandalous Interim Report? And what is the Catholic media saying about the Synod?

Christus Regnat: a poetic tribute

Sacred Scripture clearly denotes the dominion of Christ's Kingship over all nations, while a few poetic lines help us to form pious sentiments towards the Good Shepherd of our souls.

Christ must reign!

Only Our Lord Jesus Christ can grant true and everlasting peace to men and nations. But this can only occur if they both recognize His divine authority and His Catholic Church.

The true story of this Synod

Get the inside scoop on what occurred and why during the Synod on the Family!

You can help the Poor Souls!

Submit names of your beloved deceased to the Regina Coeli House and have them remembered during Mass!

Have you read: Passing the Torch?

Have you read the September-October Regina Coeli Report yet featuring news about the new District Superior, Fr. Wegner, and much more?

Vested with the wedding garment of grace

What and where is Hell and what pains await the damned? And what about the joys of Heaven for the blessed?

Lefebvre on the Mass and Priesthood

Discover why the SSPX was founded by Archbishop Lefebvre and the spirit that animates his priestly society.