SSPX news & events

Vidi aquam: I saw water flowing from the temple

What is the Vidi aquam and what is the significance of being sprinkled with holy water on Sundays?

Is Theology of the Body Catholic?

Is the new Theology of the Body a teaching of the Catholic Church?

Christ: I am the Good Shepherd!

The lesson of Christ as Our Good Shepherd Who leads His flock to salvation should imbue us with the virtue of Hope!

What is Vatican II? See our new video!

Our newest FAQ video answers the question, What is Vatican II and how does it affect the Church today?

Argentina recognizes SSPX as Roman Catholic

A news report and clarification by DICI about Argentina's recognition of the Society of St. Pius X as an institution of the Roman Catholic Church.

A new fund for the SSPX's future

The SSPX is healthy and growing steadily everywhere, especially in America, but help is needed to sustain the viability of its future.

The Mystery of Paschal Time

Dom Gueranger explains the Paschal Mystery present in the history of salvation and the sacred liturgy during Eastertide which demonstrates God's goodness and His desire for our eternal happiness in...

"Thomas... be not faithless, but believing"

From the Mass propers of Low Sunday, Fr. Goffine explains the nature of the Catholic Church.

A comparison of motives for a new bishop

When comparing the sermons and statements of Bishop Williamson (and Faure's) to Archbishop Lefebvre's, are their motives for episcopal consecration the same?

The reality of the “Francis Effect”

Pope Francis may be popular in today's society, but he is actually exercising a positive effect upon Catholics?