SSPX news & events

Vested with the wedding garment of grace

What and where is Hell and what pains await the damned? And what about the joys of Heaven for the blessed?

Lefebvre on the Mass and Priesthood

Discover why the SSPX was founded by Archbishop Lefebvre and the spirit that animates his priestly society.

Reservations for beatifying Pope Paul VI

This SSPX press release outlines some of the "serious reservations" for the forthcoming beatification of Pope Paul VI, due to occur at the close of the Synod of the Family.

"We blame the Council" for Synod's problems

What is the cause of the moral ecumenism that stemmed first from Cardinal Kasper's lips and now from the Synod on the Family's interim report?

Video shows Angelus Press Conference

Watch a 6-minute video about the 2014 Angelus Press Conference, see some image galleries and pre-order the conferences on CD!

Mass summarized entire life of Archbishop Lefebvre

Day 2 of the Angelus Press conference began with the offering of the Holy Sacrifice, which as Bishop Tissier de Mallerais explained, "The holy Mass summarizes the entire life of Archbishop Lefebvre...

No open house at Synod on the Family

Does anyone know what's going on at the Bishops' Synod on the Family being held in Rome? Why is the Vatican Press Office being so "hush-hush" about the Synod's proceedings?

"I had no idea... so much to learn" about Mass

An initial news report about day 1 at the Angelus Press Conference, "The Mass: Heart of the Church".

DICI editor examines Kasper's ecumenism

Fr. Lorans demonstrates how some recent comments of Cardinal Kasper prove that landmines (or "time bombs") were purposefully inserted in the documents of Vatican II, to be later exploited by the...

Indulgences: from the Church's treasury of merits

What are indulgences and why does the Church have the power to grant them for the remittance of temporal punishment?