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New DICI offers inspiring Lenten video

DICI no. 300 has just been published and in connection with it, an inspirational video on the season of Lent (see...

Invocabit Sunday: first of Lent

What is a temptation? Do all temptations emanate from the devil? Why does God allow men to be tempted? Fr. Goffine answers these questions in connection with the propers of the First Sunday of Lent.

Lent: a time to repair the past

The penitential season of Lent offers a perfect opportunity to remedy in our souls what has been damaged in the past.

"Remember O man that thou art dust"

Why is Ash Wednesday important? What does the conferring of ashes signify? Why is the symbolic importance of violet-covered Mass vestments?

Silence of the pope: a slap to pro-life movement

"There is an unbloody martyrdom, not less terrible, inflicted through the weapons of the media, the judiciary and psychology, with the intent of ridiculing, silencing and if possible [even]...

Pope Francis will meet Patriarch Kirill

In an article in Crux: “Why a meeting between the pope and Russian patriarch is finally happening”, John L. Allen gives an interesting analysis of this coming event. We...

A review of Pope Francis' new book

As part of the Year of Mercy, Pope Francis has published a little book based on a series of interviews with Vatican journalist Andrea Tornielli.

Sanctify your Lent with good reading!

See what spiritual reading Angelus Press has to offer to both adults and children for Lent.

Getting ready for Lent: Quinquagesima Sunday

What lessons does Fr. Goffine give us for this last Sunday before Lent? The connection of good works with charity and living the Faith, an explanation of the Gospel's narrative of Our Lord healing the...

45 seminarians take the cassock!

Read some news reports and see images of the reception of the cassock ceremonies in the SSPX's seminaries.