SSPX news & events

Be transfigured this Lent in Christ!

Christ's glorified body—momentarily revealed during His Transfiguration—shows the perfection we must strive to obtain through our Lenten purification.

Asian harvest immense, but workers few!

See what the SSPX has accomplished in the Asia District over the past few months.

Video on St. Mary's Academy & College

Watch this new video and see how you can help today's youth to receive a thoroughly Catholic education.

Has Pope Francis actually read it?

Is R.H. Benson's novel The Lord of the World really one of the Holy Father's bedside books?

SOS Africa: Faith without borders

Read about the SSPX's apostolate in Nigeria.

The importance of fasting and abstaining

Find out why it is important to pray and fast!

Can we say "martyrs"?

Can the 21 Copts recently killed by ISIS militants be classified as martyrs?

Aggiornamento of Cardinal Marx

Read the heterodox opinions on matters of faith and morals of Cardinal Marx.

New video on SSPX's history

Learn about the early years of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X in this first video of a 2-part episode.

We thank the Eternal City, we thank Providence

See the updated image gallery from the Fanjeaux Dominicans 40th anniversary pilgrimage in Rome.