SSPX news & events

Pakistan: Asia Bibi Prays for Her Enemies

From death row, where she has been languishing ever since her conviction in 2001, Christian Asia Bibi just gave her loved ones, for Easter, a prayer full of faith, along with an appeal to the Holy Father...

Congregation for the Clergy: Time to Refocus

The great sanctuaries will no longer be under the Congregation for the Clergy, but under the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. Pope Francis is thus realizing an important...

Spring and Summer Confirmation Dates

Throughout Spring, the bishops of the Society travel extensively, conferring the Gifts of the Holy Ghost

A Father of the Poor: Thomas of Villanueva

St. Thomas of Villanueva: Spanish archbishop, Augustinian friar, renowned preacher and ascetic writer.

Liturgy: Low Sunday

Jesus came and stood in the midst and said to them: "Pax Vobis." And when he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side.

Cardinal Sarah: “No to the Self-Destruction of the Church”

Cardinal Sarah breaks his silence and points a finger at those trying to “fragment and demolish the sacred ‘Missale Romanum’”.

India: Crusade against Surrogacy

In India, Catholics are rallying to thwart the recent bill on surrogacy.

Vatican Media: The Painful Reform

One of the less well-known projects taken on by Pope Francis is the reform of the media. But it is the scene of an internal struggle, the pope seeking to get a stranglehold on the communication that up...

The Greatest Slaughter in Human History

The Chinese government admitted its population control practices through four decades caused the abortion of 336 million unborn children.

Cardinal Burke Speaks about SSPX Marriages and a Personal Pr

In a recent interview Cardinal Raymond L. Burke commented cautiously but favorably about provisions made by the Vatican towards the SSPX.