Pilgrim Statue in Crookston, MN

17 Jul - 19 Jul
Crookston, MN

Wednesday, July 7 - Thursday, July 16
Novena of preparation for the visit of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue. If needed, you can download the Novena here.

Friday, July 17

5:00pm Arrival of the Statue  
5:30pm Conference Confession
6:30pm Rosary  
7:00pm Mass Consecration

Saturday, July 18

8:00am Confession  
9:00am Mass  
10:30am Rosary  
11:15am Instruction  
2:15pm Conference The FIve First Saturdays

 Sunday, July 19

1:00pm Confession
1:30pm Rosary
2:00pm Mass
3:30pm Departure