The Family: Hope of the Church


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2015 Angelus Press Conference

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Let everything take second place to our care of our children, our bringing them up to the discipline and instruction of the Lord. If from the beginning we teach them to love true wisdom, they will have greater wealth and glory than riches can provide. If a child learns a trade, or is highly educated for a lucrative profession, all this is nothing compared to the art of detachment from riches; if you want to make your child rich, teach him this. He is truly rich who does not desire great possessions, or surrounds himself with wealth, but who requires nothing” St. John Chrysostom

In a world where the sacrament of marriage is being attacked, Catholics must unite as a single flame burning for truth.  
Angelus Press once again brings together some of the best Catholic thinkers, speakers, and writers to consider this year’s topic: The Family—Hope for the Church.

This conference is relevant for those considering a marriage vocation as well as both new and seasoned married couples alike.

Topics include:

  • The Nature of Marriage by Fr. Wegner
  • Human Nature Requires Family Life by Fr. Beck
  • Catholic Education and the School by Miss Anne Marie Temple
  • Answers to Modern Attacks on the Family by Fr. McFarland
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  • Courtship and Preparation for Marriage by Fr. Rutledge
  • The Ends of Marriage (18 and older) by Fr. Iscara
  • Psychological Dangers to the Family by Dr. Flanery
  • How to Foster Vocations by Fr. Abbet
  • The Family as the Domestic Church by Fr. Goldade
  • The Blessed Virgin Mary, Spouse and Mother by Bishop de Galaretta
  • St. Therese's Family by Mr. Andrew Clarendon
  • Round Table Q/A with Selected Speakers 
  • Conclusion by Fr. Wegner

Learn more about the gift of children and the great responsibility of raising them in the midst of the crisis of the family today.

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