Candles in the Roman Rite


Fr. Edwin Ryan

Discover the rich symbolism and ancient history surrounding the use of church candles in this fascinating, illustrated book. Educate yourself about the rules and practices concerning candles in the Roman Rite through chapters that cover Masses offered by a priest or bishop, a sick call, the Divine Office, other sacraments and solemn occasions.

Originally published in 1937 and written in a simple style by noted American professor of liturgy, Fr. Edwin Ryan, this large-format book is unique and interesting for its magnificent illustrations: a combination of vivid watercolors and striking black and white line drawings of altars decorated with candles according to rules of the Roman Church. The illustrations depict properly constructed altars decorated with a full array of flowers, antependiums, conopaeums, pavement candles, candelabras, and riddel post curtains and candles.

This is a perfect text for any Catholic who wishes to learn more about the traditional Latin Mass, especially sacristans, altar servers, artisans, altar guilds and parish florists.

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