New Internet Platform for the SSPX

Over the past two years, much time and energy has been devoted to renovating our avenues of communication, both in paper and in electronic publications. The main purpose of these efforts has been to provide easy access to clear, authoritative information concerning the SSPX and its apostolate.

In the past, the communications network of the SSPX has been criticized as vague, inconsistent, lacking synergy and hierarchy. Often people could not find the information they were looking for, and they lost interest. Additionally, the numerous publications of the SSPX have varied greatly in content, tone, look, and feel, and this variety of expression caused confusion and even commotion.

Core information about the SSPX, about its key concerns, and about its essential mission in preserving the Catholic priesthood has not always been easy to find.

In order to remedy these problems, the districts of the U.S. and Canada, working under the guidance of the General House, have improved their means of communication so as to present more clearly the unchanging message and mission of the SSPX.

The first fruits of these labors were a revised Angelus magazine and updated district newsletters: the Regina Coeli Report, Ad Orientem, and Convictions. Now we are proud to launch a new SSPX Internet platform. Several other projects will follow in the future.

In a pastoral letter titled "Toward an Ever More Fruitful Apostolate" (May 1, 1952), Archbishop Lefebvre wrote:

Pastoral work requires organization comparable to that needed in commerce or industry or any other secular enterprise.  Why should we use less intelligence than worldly folk when we set about perfecting the organization or our ministry, using the resources which Providence has given us and seeking to augment them to the extent the same Providence sees fit?

All these improvements seek to highlight the essence of the SSPX and its mission, to make our work easier to recognize and to understand.