Easter Greetings from the District Superior

Fr. Jurgen Wegner, District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X for the USA, addresses his greetings on the occasion of Easter Sunday.

Dear faithful,

From Maundy Thursday to Easter we celebrate the entire drama of human life: the manifestation of supreme love, mean betrayal, desperate suicide, the cowardly, denial of a friend, incomparable sufferings, cruel death ...and glorious resurrection!

In different degrees and in the most varied facets we find these events of Christ's life mirrored in our own lives. Like the apostles, we seem to have an innate focus on the negative side of life. Suffering, sin, defeat, the cross, and death occupy our minds and threaten to paralyze our existence and our faith. We tend to make ourselves victims of time and the circumstances of life. Living through the actual crisis in the Church and in the world increases this negative focus.

As difficult as it was for the apostles to believe in Christ's victory over sin and death, it is difficult today for us to take the plunge and overcome our own weaknesses and struggles and to believe in the help of God, in His promises, and the supernatural force of God's grace.

I pray, that in the struggles of life, the innumerable manifestations of God's love, the plenitude of graces we receive in the service of God, and the wonderful treasure of faith entrusted to us may strengthen our faith. May these Easter celebrations fill our hearts with the conviction that what we suffer is nothing but a passing moment on our way towards the joy of the Resurrection.

Christus resurrexit vere, alleluja!

Fr. Jurgen Wegner